'Amazing Race' Recap: 'Amazing Crazy Race' Part II

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The final three teams headed back to the U.S. in the final leg, learning as they left Japan that they would head next to Juneau, Alaska.

Once in Juneau, teams made their way to the Douglas Island Harbor to take a marked boat to Grizzly Bar, where they would receive their next clue.

All alliances were off in this leg, and the teams became cutthroat, with an “every man for himself” attitude.

At Grizzly Bar, teams encountered a Roadblock which would require one member from each team to drop a bag of flour from a flying helicopter onto a target below, simulating a supply drop from a helicopter. Nicole, Amy and Marie all did this task.

Amy was the first to finish on her second attempt, propelling her and Jay into first, and heading themselves to an Alaskan Ice Expedition on a glacier. Once there, they would have to chip away at the ice to receive their clue. However, they would need to chip multiple times, as some of the “clues” in the ice were fakes.

Marie took 12 tries to hit the target, but still finished before Nicole, putting her and Tim in second. Nicole finally finished after 21 attempts.
Finding numerous fake clues swallowed a large portion of Jay and Amy’s lead, but they found their next clue, which required them to hike to the shore and paddle a kayak to a marked island, just as Tim and Marie started to close the gap.

Once at the marked island, they had to take a helicopter back to Juneau and the Blueberry Hills Trail for their next clue. At the trail, teams had to build a wall of totem poles spelling out the currencies for each country they had visited along the race, and arrange them in chronological order. Once they did so, they would receive their final clue, and could race across the finish line. This task allowed the teams to all catch up to one another.
Jason and Amy finished the task first, and began making their way to the end of the North Douglas Highway for the finish line, but Tim and Marie were directly on their tails.

And the winners were……JAY AND AMY! After four continents, nine countries, more than 35,000 miles and six second-place finishes, they won in the leg that counted the most, taking first place and the $1 million prize.

Tim and Marie finished in second place, with Nicole and Travis in third.

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