Avicii releases music video for ‘Hey Brother’

Avicii took over the music charts with his single, “Wake Me Up.” The follow up to “Wake Me Up,” is a unique combination of rock, pop and EDM. “Hey Brother,” has the traditional Avicii feel and is not afraid to cross into a variety of musical genres.

Avicii has just released the music video for “Hey Brother.” The video has the visual style that fans are used to and also tells an emotional story. “Hey Brother” takes on a passionate and patriotic theme. The story is told a young boy who experiences a loss due to war. The video expresses a lot of emotional aspects and themes by being simple and focusing on the main character. “Hey Brother” connects with a wide range of music fans on a variety of levels and the video ties them all together.

Avicii has a way of telling multiple stories through his music and makes each song personal. This video takes on that same talent, of storytelling and being very personal for everyone who views it.

Fans are treated towards a surprise towards the end of the video, Avicii himself is actually featured on camera.

2013 was the year that Avicii took control of the charts and gained the attention of many in the music industry with this song and "Wake Me Up." 2014 seems like Avicii's own musical playground when it comes to creation. He is free to play, create and keep producing hit after hit.

Watch the video for “Hey Brother” here:

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