Lupe Fiasco releases ‘Old School Love’ video ft. Ed Sheeran

Lupe Fiasco, Chicago’s own Hip-hop veteran, teamed up with British pop sensation Ed Sheeran on Fiasco’s newest single “Old School Love”. The video was released through this week.

The track consists of Fiasco essentially taking a walk down memory lane reminiscing and even longing for the older days. He looks back on his childhood days as they were the best days of his life. Fiasco raps about the days from the late 80’s, where life was simpler compared to today. A YouTube-less world where vinyl was the way to listen to music and hip-hop itself was simple and more meaningful compared to today’s. All rounded out by Sheeran’s soft yet entirely suitable chorus brings the track all together.

The video directed by Coodie and Chike features Lupe Fiasco sharing a plastic wrapped couch with Ed Sheeran watching an old dial tube TV, a walk or drive around his neighborhood, all accompanied by vintage video of children playing and kids being kids.

“Old School Love” seems like the lead single off of Fiasco’s upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album set to release in 2014. The Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour is already underway promoting the upcoming album.

Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran – “Old School Love”:

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