Rascal Flatts Top 10 songs

Rascal Flatts have been making music before country was even popular in mainstream culture. With country groups like Florida Georgia Line taking over the charts in 2013, it is nice to look back and see the men that helped launch country male groups into the mainstream music industry.

Rascal Flatts consists of Gary LeVox (lead vocals), Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, keyboard, piano, vocals) and Joe Don Rooney (lead guitar, vocals). These three country superstars have found way to write hit after hit and connect with fans all across the world.

The band has connected with fans through thousands of concerts and have even helped to give a few now big names in country music a start opening up for them on tour.

With singles like, "What Hurts The Most," "Easy," and "Bless The Broken Road," Rascal Flatts have earned their place in country music history.

TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten Rascal Flatts songs. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below.

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10. What Hurts The Most

This emotional single from the band has touched the hearts of many fans. With the soaring chorus to the personal lyrics, this is a song that fans and people in the music industry still reflect on as a musical masterpiece.

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9. Easy ft. Natasha Bedingfield

The boys teamed up with pop sensation, Natasha Bedingfield, in an unforgettable single that highlighted what people actually feel about a break up. The vocals from Bedingfield compliment that of LeVox in a well matched musical harmony.

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8. I Won’t Let Go

Rascal Flatts are known for their emotional ballads and "I Won't Let Go," stands out amongst the rest of their catalogue. LeVox has a talent that not many musicians have, his voice is pure and can express a heartbreaking emotion in just one note.

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7. Banjo

Everyone needs to fan fun once in a while, even though the band is known for more sad songs, they have a banjo, dance hit every so often. "Banjo" is fun, upbeat and got fans in the audience dancing and singing along.

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6. Life is a Highway

The boys got the chance to cover a classic with, "Life is a Highway" for the Cars soundtrack. The cover had some roots from the original but had the feel that a signature Flatts track has.

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5. Why Wait

Keeping with the upbeat theme, "Why Wait" has a very similar fun and upbeat tone. The music video seems like a lot of fun to work on as well as view at home.

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4. Skin

This song has found a place in the hearts of many fans. This emotional ballad about a young woman and her battle with cancer, can bring tears to the eyes of many with just one listen. It was beautiful, poetic and truly a beautiful representation of the fight that one has during trying times.

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3. These Days

One of Rascal Flatts very first hits, "These Days," showed that the band was not going anywhere but to the top of the country music charts. They introduced a pop/rock country infused sound that is now common in everyday country music.

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2. Fast Cars and Freedom

Rascal Flatts has never been afraid to own their country roots; beer, trucks and all. The fact that the band is able to stick with their through and express it during their music, is one of the main reasons why they can sell out stadiums across America in just a matter of moments.

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1. Bless The Broken Road

This ballad by Rascal Flatts can be heard at many weddings all over the world. This single shows the power that music can have when a simple love story is the main focus of the song.

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