Socks may seem like the worst gift idea ever for the holidays, but a good pair of high quality socks like those from Soxfords can make a great gift.

Soxfords socks breathe life into boring business socks with fun styles yet a classical look. They are "outstanding without standing out". They are the perfect mix of conservative and fun, allowing you to wear them to even the highest-level business meetings.

This holiday season give socks to the ones you love with themes ranging from zombies, to burgers, samurais, and frogs, and more.

For Christmas go beyond a stocking stuffer and select any one of their several gift boxes for a gift anyone can appreciate:


"Cubicle Commando" Gift Box

As weekdays blend together it's all too easy to lose your identity in pursuit of corporate goals. The "Cubical Commando" is an executive-friendly box of fun that helps keep you grounded even as you pass through the ranks. Enliven your work space while maintaining your identity with our "Cogsworth" socks - and think of us on your rise to the top! Box contents: Cogsworth Socks by Soxfords (2 pairs), Retro Tin Robot from Chucklesnort, Balancing Blocks by Areaware, Handmade Wooden Tops by The Original Tree Swing. $95

The Whole Enchilada

With the Whole Enchilada combo pack, you'll get all eighteen pairs of Soxfords dress socks that they currently offer (one pair of each design/color), at a great price. $300

Fanatical Foodie Gift Box

This tongue-in-cheek kit challenges even the most die-hard proponent of sustainable farming. Raise your own bite-sized frog with the classic "Grow-a-Frog" kit, and celebrate the slightly macabre sense of humor found in all seasoned foodies with this box themed around our "Frog Legs" design! Box contents: Frog Legs Socks,
Happy Chopper Cutting Board, CeramiPro 7" Chefs Knife, Grow-a-Frog Classic Kit. $95

Zombie Apocalypse Gift Box

Themed around a "Zombie Apocalypse" theme, this gift box comes packed with everything you need to learn how to survive a plague of brain-hungry undead!
Box contents: Zealous Zombie Socks, Zombie Indie Movie DVD set, The Zombie Survival Guide. $95

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