Top 10 Britney Spears songs

Britney Spears from pop-princess, to tabloid disaster, to reinvented hot mom. Britney has been around for ages, and within her chaotic career she has touched almost all bases of stardom. Britney catapulted into fame when she was 16, and now 16 years later she’s still steamrolling through Hollywood.

Britney Spears has touched all the bases, from her booming music career, to her movie debut in Crossroads, to her “mean Britney” stint as an X-Factor judge. Spears has yet to slow down, and at 32 she’s still got it. The pop star is starting a new chapter of her career with a two year residency with Planet Hollywood Las Vegas in “Britney: Piece of Me” which begins December 27th. In celebration of the chart-toppers 32 years of existence, and 16 years of chart-topping perfection, here are the top 10 best Britney Spears songs.

10) “Sometimes,” Baby One More Time, 1999

Britney at 16 was oh so sweet, this song from Britney’s debut album showed off the soft side to the pop-princess. I can’t even handle the all white outfits and the sappy beach scenes. Baby Britney at her finest.


One of Britney’s best girl power anthems, “Womanizer” is a powerful, catchy, and was released at the height of Britney’s comeback. Whenever I hear this song, I can’t help but think of The CW’s favorite womanizer...Chuck Bass.

8)“Me Against the Music,” In The Zone, 2003

This song features Madonna...and a cosmic collaboration was born.

7)“Everytime,” In The Zone, 2003

“Everytime” is one of Britney’s most powerful songs vocally, and lyrically. The video for the song is haunting, featuring a domestic dispute with Stephen Dorff and an attempted suicide. This is one of the stars darkest songs.

6) “I’m A Slave 4 You,” Britney, 2007

Britney’s snake wrapped VMA performance made this song memorable, but there is no denying the sex appeal in this song and the video is packed with perspiration...literally.

5)“Stronger,” Oops!...I Did It Again, 2000

In comparison to Britney’s sappy debut album, Oops!..I Did It Again features a slew of girl power anthems like “Stronger.” I can only imagine the amount of injuries teenage girls suffered from attempting that chair dance.

4)“Oops!..I Did It Again,” Oops!... I Did It Again, 2000

This song, a red pleather jumpsuit, and a dreamy that’s the recipe for a good time during the millennial years.

3)“Toxic,” In The Zone, 2003

I think a lot of misinterpretations about flight attendants were formed after the release of this video. Britney stayed put atop her pop-princess throne with the release of this sexy catchy song. And can we talk about the nude sparkle suit? Only Britney.

2) “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” Oops!...I Did It Again,2000

In the video, Britney transforms from her puffy-pink pigtail wearing teenybopper to powerful pop-princess right before our eyes. Donning a metallic green crop top Britney drives us crazy...but it feels alright.

1) “...Baby One More Time,” Baby One More Time,1999

The one that started it all...Britney basically claimed the hot school girl fantasy with “...Baby One More Time” and with the flick of her pom-pommed pigtails she became one of the biggest pop-stars in the world. This song, this video, and every mid-riff baring outfit change invented an icon.

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