Top 10 Rihanna songs

Rihanna first came onto the music scene with her hit "Umbrella." Her unique vocal styling and one of a kind style made her an instant musical sensation. With her main music mentor being Jay-Z, Rihanna was bound for the top of the charts.

The "Pour It Up" singer is known for her over the top outfits, crazy music videos and dance hits but she is really a truly well crafted and passionate musician. Rihanna has managed to release an album ever year for the past few years. Each album has had well produced content, catchy hooks and showcased the talent that Rihanna has in this industry.

Rihanna is currently on tour promoting her latest album and is getting ready to ramp back up again in 2013. From "We Found Love" to "California King Bed" Rihanna's voice and unique beats stands out in the music industry have drawn in thousands of fans. is counting down the top ten Rihanna songs.

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10. Pour It Up

This song has the traditional vibe that all Rihanna classics have. The beats are smooth and sexy, while at the same time the lyrics are catchy and memorable. Rihanna has the ability to combine musical influences and create pop tracks that translate to the radio airwaves and dance floors all across the world.

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9. Hate That I Love You ft. Ne-Yo

Rihanna has been collaborating with a variety of artists since she arrived on the music scene. This collaboration with Ne-Yo is a stand out. Their vocal compatibility created musical harmonies that really showcased the talent of both artists.

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8. What Now

Rihanna is not afraid to be creative with her music videos, from “Umbrella” to “We Found Love,” she has proved that she is willing go outside of the norm and shock audiences.
The pop star has just released the video for her latest single, “What Now.” The music video takes place within the confines of a mental hospital and features her embracing her inner crazy. Rihanna looks beautifully distrusted throughout the video and is seen rocking a new, longer hairstyle.

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7. California King Bed

This soulful ballad from Rihanna captures the beautiful tone that Rihanna has in her voice and how she is able to tell an emotional story through her music. "California King Bed," was an instant fan favorite.

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6. Don’t Stop The Music

"Don't Stop The Music," is a great dance track and has a fun energy. This was one of Rihanna's early singles and paved the way for what was to come.

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5. Unfaithful

"Unfaithful" was a song that really expressed Rihanna's talent as a vocalist. It was a song that had meaningful lyrics and really delivered an emotional element to Rihanna's music which had been taken over by dance tracks. "Unfaithful" rounded out her musical sound.

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4. Stay

Rihanna teamed up with Mikky Ekko for this hit, "Stay." This song is simplified and is a stage for Rihanna for to shine as a vocalist. It was simple, beautiful and just what fans wanted to hear from Rihanna at that time. Ekko compliments her vocal style in a way that is rare in the music industry, the song felt like one fluid story instead of a duet.

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3. Only Girl (In The World)

This single from Rihanna , "Only Girl (In The World)," featured what fans love best. Upbeat instrumentals and bass driven beats and create dance floor hits. The lyrics were catchy and the song is a good time for fans and music critics alike.

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2. We Found Love

"We Found Love," was one of the most successful singles that Rihanna released. The song was passionate, beautiful and honest. Rihanna had been through a great deal of things in the public eye, including a very public breakup but she channeled that pain and put it into her music.

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1. Umbrella

The song that started it all. "Umbrella," is the song that launched Rihanna into music superstardom.

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