'American Horror Story: Coven' finale recap

The much anticipated AHS: Coven finale shocked me in a way I didn't expect. Part of me expected Madison (Emma Roberts) to go on a murder spree killing all the witches, and the other part of me expected Fiona (Jessica Lange) to come back as a ghost and kill all the witches and live happily ever with Spalding (Denis O'Hare).

I never expected the series to end on a happy, hopeful note. Although I'm disappointed there weren't any epic fights between the witches, I'm glad the story ended the way it did because it was all about the under dogs finishing on top: Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) as Supreme, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) who was called weak many of times, and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) who thought she didn't belong. These three witches rose to their full power and are running the most kickass Coven ever!

The girls were first tested on their telekinesis abilities, all of which were completed with no struggle. Things got real heated when proving their mind control abilities, as there was some drama in the Madison-Kyle-Zoe love triangle.

Next, the girls were to visit their Hell and hope that they would wake up from it. Madison's hell was being cast as Liesel in a network version of The Sound of Music (well played Ryan Murphy), Queenie's was working at the chicken joint, Zoe's was Kyle breaking her heart, and Misty's (Lily Rabe) was being forced to dissect a frog. Poor Misty kept getting "in trouble" with her teacher, who got so fed up he forced her to dissect a living frog, of which she refused. Unfortunately, poor Misty didn't escape her hell and we said goodbye to the most selfless witch, who I personally thought would have made a great Supreme.

The girls quickly moved on from Misty's death (I would have cried), eager to prove they were the next Supreme, by playing a game of "tag" teleportation, where they chased one another around via teleportation the front lawn of Miss Robicheaux's Academy. But Zoe got a little carried away with the fun, and ended up on top of the spiky gate, killing her.

Cordelia and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) were devastated by Zoe's death and commanded Queenie to bring her back to life, like she did for Misty. Queenie wasn't strong enough to do so, so they insisted Madison do the job, who of course refused. Myrtle challenged Madison by saying that she didn't have the power to do resurrect her. Madison responded to that by killing a fly in her hands and then resurrecting it. Clearly, all she cared about was winning title of Supreme (Fiona 2.0).

Upset by Zoe's death, Myrtle comforted a hopeless Cordelia and then thought of the best idea yet -- to have Cordelia complete the Seven Wonders and become the next Supreme. Sure enough, Delia rose to the challenge, and even threatened Madison. An angry, entitled Madison decided she couldn't be at the Academy anymore if she wasn't the next Supreme. So as she goes to pack up her fabulous wardrobe (seriously I want those fur coats!), she gets a visit form Kyle (Evan Peters) who ends up strangling her to death! And who better to show up after she was dead other than Spalding, creepily brushing her hair? "People think she packed her bags and left," he says, alluding to the fact that he'd stuff her in his prized attic of dolls again. Maybe Madison and Spalding will be ghosts together and haunt the future witches at the Academy? I could see Madison convincing one of the girls to bring her back to life, sort of like what Zoe did to Axeman.

As Cordelia rose to Supreme, she also carried out a request from Myrtle, which was to be burned at the stake. Since she killed two council members, Myrtle felt like she had to serve her punishment. Cordelia hesitated, but decided to go through with it as quickly as possible, walking away from the flames with tear-filled eyes. Oh, and as she the Supreme she was granted her beautiful eyesight back so she could watch the whole thing.

When Cordelia arrived home, there was another surprise -- the ghastly, frail figure of Fiona, smoking her last cigarette. Yep, turns out the Supreme didn't die after all, even though she looked like she'd collapse any second. Apparently, Fiona gave the Axeman a false memory, knowing the girls would kill him over Fiona (which they did). Too bad even Fiona didn't see her own daughter - whom she often called weak - as a possibility of being the Supreme. Otherwise, she could have shifted her plans to stay alive. Not really though - Delia definitely deserves the crown for this one. In a tender last moment, Cordelia hugs the dying Fiona. As Fiona passes, Zoe is brought back to life.

And so the three remaining witches open the doors to Miss Robicheaux's Academy, and Cordelia tells Queenie and Zoe how much she needs them. They're all in this together to restore the good faith and power of witches everywhere, and we left the Coven feeling like it was in good hands.

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