Anna Kendrick and Newcastle make non-Super Bowl commercial (Video)

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is helping make light of the hype surrounding commercials that air during the Super Bowl, a coveted television spot considering the millions of viewers tuning in for the game.

The actress, 28, appears in a non-Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale. A hairstylist is doing her hair as she jokes about the beer company not having enough money to pay her for a Super Bowl ad.

"Behind the scenes of the mega-huge football game that Newcastle Brown Ale almost made...which almost starred Anna Kendrick,” the words read at the beginning, E! Online reports.

In the “behind-the-scenes” clip, when Kendrick says the words Super Bowl, they’re bleeped out. "Turns out they don't even have the money or the permission to make a Super Bowl commercial," she said.

Kendrick goes on to say she doesn’t consider herself to be "beer-commercial-babe hot."

"I mean, I'm hot. Like approachable hot, like the-hottest-girl-in-your-improv class hot. Like hot to the kind of guys who, like, feel bad calling a girl hot,” she continued. “But like beer-commercial hot? Am I beer-commercial hot? No, but I love a challenge."

She took to Twitter to joke about it some more, writing, “Newcastle paid me to tweet about an ad they didn't make. It’s weird time people.”

image: YouTube screenshot

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