Apple store in New York City shatters

New York City has experienced a series of unpredictable weather patterns this past season.However, the latest snow storm to hit the Big Apple proved a little too strong for New York’s iconic Apple store made complete of paned glass.

The powerful snowstorm resulted in a shattered glass panel that towers at 32 feet. According to, the glass evidently shattered as a result of a snow-blower hitting the glass as readers have pointed out. The panels are fairly new having been installed in 2011, and took an estimated $6.7 million to construct.

While the glass panel is still standing and supporting the rest of the surrounding 14 walls that encompass the transparent store, The Consumerist noted that it could take a whopping $450,000 just to fix that one broken piece. The 5th avenue Apple store remains open for business, however, with the hefty amount of funds Apple will need in order to rebuild the shattered piece of the structure, it is unknown when the repair will take place.

Several photos of the shatter reveal just how forceful the blow really was that the glass must have had to endure.

The Apple store specializes in high-tech and quality personal laptops as well as other media devices, specifically the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Co-founder Steve Jobs quickly became the face of the hardware headquarters and gained media attention after his unexpected death in 2011.

Images:Wikimedia Commons and Twitter

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