'Archer' Season 5 Premiere

ISIS shut down for being unendorsed by United States Government, Brett is dead, Lana is pregnant, Archer wasn't drunk and Krieger… was still Krieger.

Archer returned with the same lovable cast but with a new direction. The stagnant formula to a traditional Archer episode was slightly abandoned making this episode refreshing. The episode began with Archer walking into the office in a dream like state, having his co-workers lovingly surrounding him as he proceeded to his mother's office. Upon reaching his mother with red roses the office exploded and FBI agents breached the spy agencies headquarters. Archer and the crew began a counter attack against the assaulting force, but unaware that they were FBI. Archer was shooting while trying to figure out the name of a TV character and asked Brett for help. Brett leaned over from cover to reply, and was shot in the head. To which, Mr. Archer commented he died doing what he loved, getting shot. Brett was a minor figure in the show who was notorious for only being shot by Archer and having no other function. Perhaps his death was a sign that the show will also kill off redundant and weak conventions, or maybe not, after all it is Archer.

Once the shooting ended the assaulting cores identified themselves as FBI and arrested all the ISIS members for treason and an assortment of other charges. The episode then showed the crew in different interrogation rooms verbally recapping previous episodes and expelling that ISIS is a terrible spy organization with Malory at the helm. Archer and Lana over came their interrogators with brute forces and made an escape, grabbing the others in the process. But upon retrieving their comrades they found out they all sold Malory and Archer out, even Malory made a deal to mitigate her charges. Typical.

After the escape the crew returned to their dilapidated headquarters trying to figure out what to do next. Archer and Malory opened a secret vault that contained an astronomical amount of cocaine which was worth millions. Malory suggested they become a drug cartel and it couldn't be hard. Then the episode cut to what looked like a trailer for the season, but then ended and suggested it was just a day dream of Archer.

Archer airs of FX on Mondays at 10 p.m.

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