Ashanti receives Twitter backlash after homophobic comment

Actress and &B singer, Ashanti received a Twitter backlash as many of her followers saw a comment she made as homophobic.

Ashanti had been on twitter wanting to discuss the NFL final that occurred Jan. 19. She wrote on Twitter:
“Who ya’ll got??? Seahawks or 49ers???”

The star, who will be releasing her fifth album Braveheart on Feb. 18, received not quite answering the question.

Obviously, Ashanti didn’t take the response well. She has been doing more than most know. She could be found on the Lifetime show, Army Wives. In November she released a single, I Got It featuring Rick Ross, and on Dec. 7 she starred in the Lifetime movie Christmas in the City.

Still, many of her fans did not appreciate or find the tweet funny. They expected more from seeing that she is a public figure. Some individuals responded back to her showing their disappointment in her.

With her album coming out next month, may this have an impact on its sales?

Photo Courtesy of NBC

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