Bastille planning second album and tour

Bastille, an English rock band, has arrived on the mainstream music scene in the United States with their hit single, "Pompeii" but fans will not have to wait long for a sophomore effort from the band. Bastille is already working on their next album while on tour.

Billboard reported that the group was working in the studio over in London before they started up their tour again in the United States.

Will Farquarson, from Bastille spoke about the next album and what fans will have to look forward to. "We just have some ideas, so while we're all back in London we're demoing some things, and they're quite promising. We like to try and stay busy, and when you're touring as much as we are we don't want to let the creativity become muted."

Farquarson explained further, "We all love recording. Dan (Smith) loves to write and we love to get in the studio and do some stuff. So I think it's good whenever we're back in London to make sure we're busy writing new stuff to keep the creative muscles exercised."

The band also explained that they are moving towards a more organic and collaborative process as a band when it comes to their music.

Aside from their next album, Bastille will be on tour for much of the year including a spot at the upcoming and highly anticipated Coachella festival, The Huffington Post reported.

Watch the music video for "Pompeii" here:

image: Wikimedia Commons

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