'Batman vs. Superman': myths, rumors and possible truth

Ever since news broke about the upcoming and highly anticipated film, Batman vs. Superman, a.k.a. Man of Steel 2being delayed until May of 2016, fans have been wondering the reason behind the almost one year delay.

The Internet exploded with rumors and possible reasons for the films delay, everything from Ben Affleck was injured to the possibility that Gal Gadot would be replaced as Wonderwoman in the upcoming Zach Snyder project.

The rumors surrounding Affleck being injured have been put to rest but now fans are left wondering even more why the film would be delayed.

This past summer at Comic Con, D.C. won the event. They crushed any news from Marvel at the event had the entire Internet buzzing about the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. Without a doubt, D.C. won Comic Con, which in the war of the comic book nerds, is an important battle to win.

That Comic Con announcement came back in 2013, leaving fans even more confused as to why the film would be delayed, if a cast was already set and an outline for the story was created. What could have gone from Warner Bros since that announcement at Comic Con.

No official reasoning has been released for the film delay, but two words seem to be on the minds of many comic book fans everywhere and it seems like a very logical reason, Justice League.

Warner Bro’s has to do something very different than Marvel when it comes to releasing these cinematic properties. Marvel had been planning the build up to Avengers for years and the hard work paid off for fans and at the box office. D.C. has not thought about these comic book properties as an overall big picture, they did release an impressive series from Christopher Nolan with the Dark Knight trilogy but now the stage has to be reset.

The way that D.C. can start to gain ground in the battle of comic book films would be to shoot Justice League back to back with Man of Steel 2 and have both films ready to go. It is easier for studios to shoot these massive projects back to back much like Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings and how The Hunger Games is handling their films.

D.C. can launch them back into the comic book movie war and if these two films do well go back and work on individual character films. The only way that they can win the war is to do something polar opposite of Marvel.

D.C. has one chance to get this entire cinematic universe right, so even though the push back is disappointing to most fans, in the end this might be the way that they can come out on top and take on the Avengers.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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