Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon parody New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's 'bridgegate' in 'Gov. Christie Traffic Jam' (Video)

Bruce Springsteen appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night and the duo had some fun with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s recent “bridgegate” scandal.

Springsteen, a New Jersey native, sang his song "Born to Run” with Fallon but changed the lyrics to reflect the Christie scandal, in which he’s accused of being involved in the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge back in September as some sort of revenge for Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich, who didn’t support Christie’s re-election race.

The re-worked song was titled “Gov. Christie Traffic Jam,” and included lyrics such as “You've got Wall Street masters stuck cheek-to-cheek with blue-collar truckers. And I really gotta take a leak."

Fallon came out first, singing about being stuck in traffic on the bridge. “In the day we sweated out on the streets, stuck in traffic on the GWB. They shut down the tollbooths of glory ’cuz we didn’t endorse Christie. Maybe this Bridgegate was just payback, it was a b——slap to the state Democrats. We got to get out while we can. We’re stuck in Gov. Chris Christie’s Fort Lee, N.J., traffic jam,” Politico reports.

He was then joined by The Boss himself, who sang about the “working man” being stuck on the GW.

image: NBC

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