Bryan Cranston makes his Broadway debut

Bryan Cranston may be best known as a meth-making chemistry teacher on TV’s award winning series, Breaking Bad, but he will soon begin to play a much different role. Cranston announced on Wednesday that he will be making his Broadway debut as a president in the upcoming play All The Way.

According to The Telegraph, Cranston will be playing the role of President Lyndon B Johnson in this play that is directed by Bill Rauch and written by Robert Schenkkan, who is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. His role as the President is to show Johnson’s first year as president in 1963, which followed John F Kennedy’s assassination.

In a recent interview with The Daily News, Cranston shared his thoughts on making his Broadway debut, playing the role of a president and surprisingly, what this character has in common with his previous meth-making role as Walter White. “Both are very powerful, strong and strong-willed men, very determined, accomplished, smart and with character flaws that are very present. That both men could lose a grasp of a healthy ego and veered off into unhealthy ones.” Cranston then said what Walter White fans might enjoy the most, “And they both wore tight whitey underwear.”

Cranston then went on to explain that Broadway was always a big goal of his and that it’s an opportunity you only get once. “I wanted to do something that meant something to me, that had some kind of social redeeming benefit to it. And I think this does.”

Previews for the play will begin on February 10. All The Way is set to open at The Neil Simon Theatre on March 6.

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