Canadian executives speak out against Hollywood elite

Canadian oil executives took Hollywood to task on Wednesday for their words about Alberta’s oil sands development.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brian Ferguson, president and CEO of Calgary oil giant Cenovus, said in an address on Wednesday, "In Hollywood, the land of make-believe, everything is black and white, good or evil. It makes for a compelling story, but the real world doesn’t work that way. And when it comes to energy, Hollywood stereotypes are unhelpful and often dead wrong. So it’s time to inject a little reality into the energy debate.”

Ferguson let out his opinion that Robert Redford was among celebrities speaking harmful untruths about Canada's energy sector. Meanwhile, guitarist Neil Young has taken his stand on the debate.

Neil Young, who retains his Canadian citizenship, has proven to be an outspoken advocate regarding environmental issues. He co-founded the concert benefit, Farm Aid, and is currently leading a number of concerts to stop expanding oil-sands development in Alberta, Canada. According to Billboard, Young said at his concert last Sunday that the Canadian people are not going to let modern Canada roll over them.

Image: NBC.

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