Celebrity tweets: 2014 Oscar nominations edition

After months of rumors, speculation and anticipation, the nominees for the 2014 Academy Awards were officially announced this morning. Reactions to the news from celebrities and the public alike was swift, abundant and passionate.

Although there was a strong show of support for nominees, in a year of tight competition in some (but not all) of the biggest categories, there was unsurprisingly no scarcity of backlash about movies and actors getting 'snubbed.' Tom Hanks, The Butler, James Gandolfini, and Saving Mr. Banks were some of the most notable actors/works that failed to get a nomination, to the disappointment of many. Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club were some of the most prevalent films across categories.

With the quantity of big names involved in this year's films, it's hard to say who the front runners are for the 2014 awards, which will air March 2, but as evident by the response to the nominations, it will certainly be a highly anticipated event.

See the full list of nominees here, and below are the top ten celebrity Twitter reactions to the January 16 announcement:

John Devereaux made a general statement:

These actors cheered for their favorites, or ones they were a part of:

Uzo Aduba

Johnny Knoxville

Josh Gad

Piers Morgan was content with the nominations:

But others disagreed. These celebrities expressed their frustration at what they consider snubs, featuring Tom Hanks and "Lee Daniel's The Butler":

Sarah Colonna

Josh Gates

Colin Walker

Stephen Lunsford was just generally dissatisfied with the nomination results:

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