Celebrity Tweets: Friday, Jan. 10

So it is finally weekend, which means that the time has come to relax, take your time, sleep longer in the morning and lazily sip coffee while you’re browsing the Internet. If you were looking for a way to entertain yourself, then you have clicked on the right story, because we’ve got you covered.

It is time to leave that stressful week behind and get rid of the stress that you have accumulated in your life since last Monday. And before you have to face upcoming Monday, which is probably the most hated day of the week, at least now you have the weekend to get your mind off the things that were bothering you and forget about that stressful schedule. And is there a better way to do so than to treat yourself to this cup of finely ground gourmet tweets from you favorite celebrities?

So here they are in all their glory! Witty, funny, inspirational, sassy, weird, simple- you name it! We have listed them all! Click, scroll, enjoy!

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You're sassy. You're sassy. You're sassy, it's true. I saw your account in a crowded Twitterland, and I don't know what to do, 'cause I'll never be as sassy as you. #keepbeingsassyjamesblunt

Ellen surely knows how to relieve the tension around Bridgegate scandal...

For all you snowmen out there considering a nose job, here's a breakthrough procedure from your's truly, Dr. Laughs.

"Stay hungry, my friends..."

Shay woke up in paradise. I woke up to my phone alarm. Can we swap our lives, please? (check out the photo she posted on Instagram). #instajealous

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Katy Perry has revealed this super cool art for "Dark Horse..." #perfection

And Laura Leighton had this quite unusual accident...

Leighton has clarified in a tweet later that there was: "No damage or anything, just absurdity. :)"

Lets be honest...we all thought of this... #peoplearedramatic

This is the proper way to spend your cab ride...

and this is the proper way to unwind... #themagicoftvshows

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