Celebrity Tweets: Golden Globes and More!

Twitter is abuzz with everything Golden Globes. It allowed for a nice little peek into some celebrity preparation. Good luck to everyone! It wasn’t all Golden Globes chatter, as plenty of celebs shared lovely little tidbits from their day, as well.

As for the Golden Globes…

First and foremost, Rolling Stone is making sure we have our priorities straight for the festivities.

Kelly Osbourne shared some of her prep with some lovely photos.

Kevin Bacon had his husbandly duties to take care of.

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting’s morning routine seemed pretty relaxing. Jewelry and a yummy drink.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is looking amazingly happy!

Rico Rodriguez has the best routine!

Kunal Nayyar is looking quite dapper.

Mayim Bialik shared a peek into hair and make-up.

Red Carpet LEAK!!

Beyond the Golden Globes…

Ed Sheeran had quite the happy discovery today.

Andy Cohen snuggled up with a cute friend.

Jenny McCarthy had some charades fun with her followers.

Dax Shepard shared this lovely gem. Give it a listen.

Seth Rogen is looking quite…
Ha. Such a jokester.

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