Couple in their 60s completed 365th consecutive marathon

Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, ran a marathon each day in 2013 in order to complete a run around Australia.

They did all this, according to their website, Running Raw Around Australia, on a clean eating, vegan diet. ABC News reports that the couple finished their 365th run on December 31 with their children, grandchildren and approximately 200 other onlookers. Some joined them in the last bit of the marathon.

January 1 they broke a world record, running their 366th consecutive marathon. The couple has regularly updated their Facebook page on their progress as well as their route each day.

According to The New York Daily News the couple covered approximately 10,000 miles all on a diet of smoothies and fruit salads.

They consumed around 11,000 bananas along with hundreds of smoothies, fruit salads and oranges. In the evening, when they finished running, around 4 pm, the couple would eat avocado, vegetable juice and salad for dinner.

The couple experienced a cyclone, ran through extremely high temperatures and even missed the birth of their fifth grandchild while making these runs.

"We know that we have touched thousands of people by what we've done," said Murray-Wakelin.

The couple did this marathon challenge to urge people around the world to take responsibility for their health.

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