Deer Lodge Records releases George Jones tribute album

On Jan. 22, Deer Lodge records released a two-disc tribute album to one of country’s great artists, George Jones. It's titled Deer Lodge: A Tribute To George Jackson.

The tribute album was released recently due to the passing of country music legend, also known as “The Possum," in April 2013.

“Jones was credited with having the finest voice in the recorded history of country music,” Deer Lodge Records stated.

The tribute album was produced by Deer Lodge's Ezra Meredith and Bert Sperling because "he's the greatest singer of all time."

The album has songs which are covered by bands all the way from punk to bluegrass. The tracks featured include “White Lightening” sung by Sassparilla; “Still Doing Time” sung by Lewi Longmire & Portland Country Underground; “The Race is on” sung by Water Towers.

"It's always interesting to have a framework to start with, to take someone else's song and make it your own," said Brush Prairie's Zia McCabe, who's band covered "Tennessee Whiskey."

Jones has received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, which he placed on a shelf in his Franklin, Tennessee home.

"Of course, he’ll always be the greatest singer and interpreter of real country music – there’ll never be another," Alan Jackson said when Jones died, notes

You can check out the complete track list on the record label's site.

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