Diet soda may make you gain weight

A study published in the January 16 issue of The American Journal of Public Health has found that diet soda makes you consume more calories than a regular soda would.

Many diets and weight loss programs have encouraged those who are taking part to replace their regular sodas with diet sodas, according to Headlines and Global News. The study even found that obese people who drank diet sodas are likely to take in more calories than those who drink regular drinks.

"Diet-soda drinkers who are overweight or obese are eating more solid food during the day than overweight and obese people who drink sugary beverages," said study researcher Sara Bleich.

According to HealthDay, diet sodas have many artificial sweeteners which can effect the brain's sweet sensors.

The number of those who drink diet beverages has raised from three percent in 1956 to 20 percent now. Those who drink diet sodas also have a higher average BMI.

The study's findings were that the diet sodas can tend to make people want to eat more because their bodies are not getting what they need from the diet beverage.

Losing, or even maintaining, weight involves making sure your calories are balanced each day. Drinking diet sodas may not necessarily help you do that.

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