East Vail, Colorado avalanche kills 1, injures 3

An avalanche in Vail, Colorado has killed at least one person on Tuesday. Additionally, three people were injured in the accident, none of which have been identified.

Those affected by the avalanche were skiers and snowboarders exploring the East Vale Chutes in Eagle County , which is a back-country area on the outskirts of the popular Vail ski resort.

According to NBC News, Jessie Mosher, an Eagle County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman, said out of the three people injured in the avalanche none of them were life-threatening injuries.

Denver Post cites East Vail’s violent history in the month of January. There have been eight deaths in the region since the ‘80s and out of that eight; five have been in the month of January.

In April of 2013, five people were killed in an avalanche, which was the most fatal the area has seen in the last five decades. The avalanche was 600 feet wide, and 8 feet deep.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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