Family builds colorful igloo during subzero weather

While temperatures remain extremely cold throughout the United States east coast, one family uses the weather as an opportunity to create a colorful igloo in their backyard.

The Trokhans, living in Old Tappan, New Jersey, came up with the idea when their daughters said they wanted to build an igloo, reports Yahoo News. They made something more spectacular, filling 200 aluminum tins with water and food coloring. When the tins froze, the family stacked the blocks of ice and held them together with snow and ice.

It took five people and an entire day of work, working in subzero temperatures as night began, but the Trokhans family was able to finish their igloo.
In an interview with Today, father Shawn Trokhan explained his reasoning for building the igloo.

“I think too often in life we don’t stop because it’s not convenient,” Trokhan said. “Well, this week we stopped.”

Thanks to the cold weather, the igloo remained secure throughout its production and will likely stay standing for a few more days.

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