Feds drop charges against alleged Philly mob boss Joseph Ligambi

The U.S. Attorney’s office has dropped the charges against alleged Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Ligambi.

According to the Associated Press, federal prosecutors dumped the charges against Ligambi after he beat convictions in both gambling and racketeering cases.

Defense attorney, Ed Jacobs, says he expects his 74-year-old client to be released from a detention center on Tuesday.

WPVI notes that a jury acquitted Ligambi of witness tampering, but were deadlocked on three of the other charges.

"Now we've won a sixth of nine counts," Jacobs told reporters after Friday's verdict. "Both times the jury was unable or unwilling to accept the government's theories on racketeering conspiracy and gambling."

Ligambi is an American mobster and believed to be the current boss of the Philadelphia crime family, who took over the role after former boss Joey Merlino went to prison. He has been investigated by the feds for years and was arrested in 2011 after an FBI sweep.

A judge still has to sign off the prosecutor’s decision.

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