Foster The People release ‘Coming of Age’

Foster The People is back with their latest single, “Coming of Age.” The group first exploded onto the music scene with their hit single, “Pumped Up Kicks.” The band has a unique way of combining elements of pop, rock and an indie culture.

Back in 2011 Foster The People released Torches and caught the attention of music fans and critics everywhere with their unique combination of instrumentals and vocals, along with playful lyrics. Following that success, Foster The People have been on tour and have been working on their follow up debut.

Supermodel is the highly anticipated second album from Foster The People and features the lead of single, “Coming of Age” takes their music as a group to a more modern level. The lyrics keep the fun and interesting yet complex style that fans have come to know and love from the band.

The music video for “Coming of Age” is a time-lapse style that showcases the creation of a mural on the side of a large building. The video is unique and one of a kind, that matches the musical style of "Coming of Age."

The video much like the song takes the time to set the scene and build over the course of the four minute song.

With this single having such a high energy and unique sound, fans are fired up and ready for Supermodel to be released, the album will be released on March 18 of this year and the band is scheduled to be a musical act at the upcoming Coachella festival in California.

Watch “Coming of Age” here:

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