Golden Globes Top Ten Best Dressed

1. Jennnifer Lawrence, winner of Best Supporting Actress for American Hustle makes a surprising showing in this black and white Dior gown. The fitted waist and long skirt are a perfect complement for this rising star.

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2. Cate Blanchett, star of the film Blue Jasmine is all texture and form in this fantastic black, lace ballgown Armani Prive gown. The dress is modest and refined, and earrings by provide a bit of extra glimmer.

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3. Margot Robbie brings old Hollywood glamour to the forefront in this white dress with the large slit up te slide. The plunging neckline ia great accent to eh polished pulled back hairdo. The fantastic shoes sneak below the hemline bring a sense of whimyst to the overall look.

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4. Amy Poehler looked classic in this black and white dress. It is simple and chic, which a white fabric peeking above the dress. The co-host looks thrilled receiving her Golden Globe Award for Parks and Recreation.

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5. Leonardo Di Caprio, winner of the Golden Globe Award for The Wolf of Wall Street is chic and classic in this Giorgio Armani suit. The bowtie is a fun addition to the tuxedo, and shiny black shoes complete the look

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6. Tina Fey, co-host of the ceremony, celebrates bold fashion with a fire-engine red dress with a long train.

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7. Bela Bejaria looks content in this gold dress with silver fringe. Though it’s baggy, it fine for the occasion.

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8. Emma Watson makes a daring statement in this demure Dior Haute Couture gown. The surprise blue shoes make this outfit look all-American.

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9. Amy Adams, winner of the Best Actress Award for American Hustle chose a two tone flowing gown for the evening. The plunging, maroon neck line is met with a high waist.

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10.Reese Witherspoon is shapely in this turquoise Calvin Klein dress. The dress matches the superstar’s bright eyes.

Images courtesy of NBC

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