Google contact lenses will monitor diabetes

Diabetes has become commonplace in America and those individuals affected have learned to cope with the disease. Google’s new technology aims to improve their daily life.

Although it is little, the Google contact will be powerful and helpful for the diabetic community. According to CNET , the contacts will have receptors the size of a tiny speck and a transmitter the width of a strand of hair.

These little contact lenses could be convenient tools for the diabetic individual. For starters, the overall process would be time saving and the results would probably be more accurate than the traditional method. Not to mention, the diabetic would be in more control of their disease and maybe make them feel more comfortable about the disease as well.

The contact lenses will gauge the blood sugar levels every second and there might also be a feature,including LED lights inside the contacts, that would alert the individual when the levels are dangerously out of balance, states the CNN Money.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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