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Google Glass driving citation case dropped

Cecilia Abadie was found not guilty for driving citation she received after a San Diego police officer ticketed her for wearing her Google Glass device while she was driving.

Back in October, Abadie had been pulled over for speeding, when the police officer noticed she was wearing her Google Glass and issued an additional citation.

Abadie then took to her Google Plus page where she wrote, "A cop just stopped me and gave me a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving!" She has claimed that the device was not on while she was driving.

She had received the additional citation due to a California law that stated that drivers are prohibited from using a device where they could watch TV, except if it's being used for GPS.

Now the case has been tossed because Commissioner John Blair ruled that the police officer had not provided proof she was using Google Glass while driving, reports The Associated Press. He did note that the law that Abadie had originally been cited under could be applied to Glass due to its vague language.

She said after the case, "I believe it's an initial success but we have a long way to go."

image: Wikimedia Commons

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