Google pulls two Chrome extensions over ad complaints

Google has pulled two Chrome extensions that users have complained were creating undesired ads.

The two extensions, Add to Feedly and Tweet This Page, have been pulled for violating Google's terms of service, reports The Wall Street Journal. Neither extension are overly popular, as each barely have 100,000 users.

People were complaining that ads were beginning to pop up on any website they were on. The insertion of more ads violates Google's policies, which were updated in December, to curb improper practices.

Add to Feedly developer Amit Agrawal admits that he sold off the extension, which isn't a violation, and neither is adding code into extensions for ads, but the ads can't be added willy-nilly.

According to USA Today, Agrawal said he was paid a four-figure amount, but didn't really know what the unknown company was buying the extension for.

"A month later, the new owners of the Feedly extension pushed an update to the Chrome store," he wrote. "No, the update didn't bring any new features to the table nor contained any bug fixes. Instead, they incorporated advertising into the extension."

Agarwal said that the update made it so that links on websites that users were visiting were being replaced with adware.

image: Wikimedia Commons

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