Hannah Gill releases self-titled debut

Sixteen year old musician, Hannah Gill has already released her first album. When music fans sit down to listen to the self titled album, it may come as a surprise that Gill is still at such a young age when her voice and musical compilations carry passion and express a tone of that of a much older musician.

Gill was singing around the house at very young age, she even sights some of her influences as Ella Fitzgerald and the Avett Brothers, which for a sixteen year old is impressive. That time spent growing up with music and embracing artists that focused on their voices and instrumentals plays a large part in the modern, fresh and grown up singer-songwriter style that can be heard on her album.

The album has a heavy influence of pop music and also a slight twist of jazz every so often that can be heard in the notes. It is interesting to see how more modern styles of music combine with classic elements like that of a Fitzgerald album or an old school jazz records.

Gill is willing to showcases her voice but not sacrifice who she is as an artist to become more mainstream, which will work well for her, her sound is something fresh and fans of music are always looking for something new.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Whisper," "I Feel Awake" and "Distance."

Gill does have the ability and the musicianship to become a major name in the pop music industry, she will be an artist that people keep their eyes on in 2014.

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