Hawaiian waves reach 40-50 feet

Hawaii experiences waves, big and small, throughout the year. These waves have the power to destroy property and the ability to delight surfers.

According to Hawaii News Now, on Wed. waves between 40 and 50 feet hit the north shore beaches. These size waves have not been seen since 1986.

In almost 30 years, Hawaii has not experienced huge waves like this. There must be a good explanation as to why now.

Such conditions as these were caused by a low-pressure system and waves of this magnitude attracted surfers for the last few days, writes The Weather Channel.

So waves as tall as buildings intrigued the surfer community, while other people probably stayed away from the ocean.

This weather incident also brought cold temperatures and strong winds up to 45 mph that caused damage, writes Hawaii News Now.

This weather as well as the waves had the ability to really do harm to the Hawaiian shorelines and possibly the landscape.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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