Infostrada predicts Sochi 2014 Olympics medal totals

With the 2014 Winter Olympics ramping up in Sochi, Russia, NBC’s OlympicTalk has created a virtual medal table called InfoStrada Sports to predict the number of gold, silver and bronze medals earned for the top 26 countries competing. Meanwhile, U.S. athletes have been ramping up their game to earn their spot as gold medal winners.

On NBC’s OlympicTalk, the Infostrada Sports has listed these countries according to gold medal predictions, with Norway and the U.S. at the lead of 14 gold medals each, and Canada following with 11.

Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, the Netherlands and China will follow these countries with gold medals numbering to 10, 6, 5, 5, 5 and 4. Austria, Sweden and Slovenia will follow with three gold medals each, while Japan, Poland and the Czech Republic will earn a total of two gold medals each. The remaining countries will earn either one gold medal or none.

These past few months, U.S. athletes such as Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin have been competing worldwide to earn a spot in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

This Friday, Ligety earned his first gold in the World Cup’s super combined this Friday, and three gold medals in the 2013 world championships at Schaldming, Austria, says Associated Press. InfoStrada predicts that Ted Ligety will win two Olympic gold medals in slalom and super combined, and one silver medal in the super-G.

With Shiffrin winning her second World Cup trophy this Tuesday, said NBC Sports, InfoStrada predicts she’ll win her first Olympic gold in slalom.

On the list of no medals, InfoStrada Sports lists no medals for the U.S. or Canada in men’s hockey, and no medals for U.S. figure skating. On the other hand, this year’s medals will rise from Vancouver’s Olympics for the U.S. and Norway, when each won 9 medals in 2010, while Canada won 14 gold medals and Germany won 10 that year.

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