iPhone 6 reportedly locked in

Apple seems to be buckling down on iPhone 6 designs to be released before the end of the year. With two new models are expected to be announced, Apple has yet to confirm any of these rumors.

In 2007, Apple turned the mobile phone world upside down with their release of the iPhone. Since then, eight models have been released and have become a staple in the culture of technology.

This year, Apple is reportedly ready to release the iPhone 6, much to the anticipation of Apple-enthusiasts everywhere. According to CNET, The first model will be a pocket-sized phone, much like its eight precedors. The other model is said to be a “phablet” sized cell phone – an oversized phone that doubles as a tablet.

Yahoo! also said that previous Apple sources that have confirmed early designs of the iPhone 6.

Though Apple has yet to comment on these rumors, expect an announcement either at their annual World Wide Developers Conference or in the fall just in time for the holidays.

Image courtesy of Wikicommons

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