Jon Gosselin requests custody battle over sextuplets

Jon Gosselin is fed with up Kate and her decisions lately regarding the their eight kids. But after the twins’ uncomfortable Today Show appearance, Jon is doing more than just speaking up about the issue and may take Kate to court.

E! Online reports that Jon has been discussing the possibility of suing ex-wife, Kate, in order to gain custody of the sextuplets. As his attorney, Mark Heller, confirms, Jon wants primary custody of the kids.

In Touch recently spoke with Jon in which he revealed, “They live in fear of Kate. Every time I see them, they tell me they want to live with me.”

Jon continued saying that he was going to “file for an emergency petition for contempt”, in other words, take the first step in gaining primary custody of 9-year old Leaha, Hanna, Joel, Alexis, Aaden, and Collin. According to the magazine, Jon revealed that Kate breached contractual agreements when he was not given the opportunity to watch the sextuplets when Mady and Cara were in New York for their talk show appearances.

Jon also says that the twins’ national television appearances pushed him to his breaking point. In an earlier interview with E! Online, Jon stated, "I was heartbroken watching my children on TV this morning. If Kate wants to do interviews, fine, but it is completely inappropriate for Kate to try to use our children as her mouthpiece."

Although a custody battle is just in talks for now, Jon definitely seems serious in his decision to sue. He wants Kate to realize that all of their kids should be “in school, playing sports,” and “going to the mall with friends” as opposed to doing national television interviews. As for Kate, the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star immediately ran to the media to defend her daughters’ coy conference.

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