Josh Money releases 'Everybody's Watching"

Josh Money is a chart-topping electronic music producer who has worked in a variety of aspects in the business from the underground scene to the more corporate side of the business.

Money is from Detroit, Michigan which has become a mixing pot for musical genres. Detroit has been a part of forming The White Stripes, which are now musical rock 'n' roll legends, Eminem a rap superstar is in his own right and an entire musical movement with Motown. The city is also experiencing a surge of popularity when it comes to the EDM music scene. Money is capitalizing on these changing times with his single "Everybody's Watching."

Money highlights his strong style and shows his ear for fresh remixing and clean audio editing with "Everybody's Watching." The song has a few remixes available for download so fans can clearly hear the desire that Money has to experiment and push musical boundaries.

Money is in a group of artists that are currently experiencing a growth in fan base and the mainstream music industry is becoming more interested when it comes to EDM music. Artists like Ellie Goulding and Avicii have taken over the charts and had top radio hits like "Wake Me Up" and "Burn."

Fans that are looking to explore more into the EMD music culture and hear a new take should listen to "Everybody's Watching" and hear a fresh take on the industry and musical genre.

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