'Justified' Recap: 'Good Intentions'

“Good Intentions” has Raylan living in Monroe’s seized house, even though he’s been released from jail. Rachel and Raylan happen across a bit of gold thanks to Monroe’s “maid”. This discovery then leads him to Duffy. Duffy and Boyd try to locate their stolen heroin, which was stolen by Candy. After finding Candy, Boyd discovers that his cousin Johnny is the one threatening his livelihood. Boyd and Ava are going through quite the rough patch. She feels let down and alone. Boyd continuously tells her he is doing everything I can. Although Boyd is doing quite a bit to get Ava out, his focus is quite divided. Paxton has hired Sheriff Mooney to kill Boyd, but Boyd and Mara have a plan of their own. Boyd promises to pay Mooney off to lie to Paxton about killing Boyd.

Poor, Dewey Crowe. He just wants to have a grand ol’ time, but everyone keeps taking advantage of him. He can’t seem to get rid of his bad news cousin, Daryl. Daryl is trying to worm his way into Dewey’s business and fortune. Dewey honestly looks scared and worried. Daryl informs Dewey that Boyd ripped him off by making him pay too much for Audrey’s and sends Dewey to get the $100,000 he overpaid for Audrey’s from Boyd. Dewey goes to Boyd, but, in Boyd fashion, uses his preacher-like ways to instill confidence in Dewey and send him back to kick Daryl out. “Now, sometimes being the man means you gotta know when to put your foot down. Well, put your foot down Dewey Crowe.” On top of that, Messer has been skimming off the top for Boyd. Dewey just can’t catch a break. He just wants to spend his days hanging out with his workin’ gals and having fun, but everyone seems to be ruining his plans. It seems as though Dewey is at his tipping point after he finds out Messer has been cheating him out of money. The Crowe clan is sure to be another thorn in Boyd’s side.

This week was a bit on the slow side, but it’s certainly setting up an interesting plot for the next episode and on. I was glad to see Rachel in this episode and previews of Tim in next week. Also, the return of Johnny Crowder is sure to add some violent family drama. More importantly, it looks like Boyd and Raylan’s paths are poised to cross. Let the craziness and witty banter ensue!

image: FX

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