Justin Bieber's 'Beliebers' boycott CW's 'Supernatural' after Jared Padalecki accuses him of paying off Lil Za to say drugs were his

Supernatural stat Jared Padalecki has really angered Justin Bieber’s ‘Beliebers’ by a tweet he sent out regarding his friend Lil Za’s drug possession arrest.

After Bieber, 19, allegedly egged his neighbor’s home, L.A. County Sheriff’s officers raided his home to search for evidence in the case. Bieber and others in the home were detained, and Lil Za was arrested for possession. The drugs, which were believed to be cocaine but later determined as molly, were in “plain sight.”

Padalecki took to Twitter to accuse Bieber of paying off his friend to take the fall for him. “Hey @justinbieber, how much are you paying your friend for pretending that it was HIS cocaine, and taking the fall for you?” he asked.

Bieber’s fans were so enraged about this that they have threatened to stop watching Padalecki’s CW show. One fan wrote, “i loved it and i'll watch it. But im not gonna respect him anymore. Im not spn fan anymore(:”

As for Lil Za, he was actually arrested twice in one day, E! Online reports. He was first taken in for possession but when he smashed a phone in custody he was then charged for vandalism. Bieber has not commented on Twitter.

image: ABC

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