Justin Bieber's iPhone seized after egging incident

Authorities are now searching Justin Bieber's iPhone for clues relating to the egg raid which took place near his home in southern California.

The alleged egg-tossing incident happened on the evening of Thursday, January 9, but the police are still searching for any clues about Bieber's involvement in the attack.

According to CNN, deputies took the teen superstar's phone Tuesday morning after using a felony search warrant to raid his home. They are also examining security footage.

The security footage reportedly was well operated and is thought to cover all areas of Bieber's house, therefore the deputies believe this could be the best witness upon the attack.

"Bieber should not worry about any nude photos or drug talk that may be among his text messages," the detective mentioned. He assured they are only looking for any evidence relating to the egg incident.

TMZ reported that cops want to see if Bieber texted someone to brag after the egg raid took place.

The amount of damage caused to his neighbor's property is around $20,000. If found guilty, the singer could face a felony vandalism charge.

image: ABC

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