Lorde's Grammy performance might mean something extremely dark

Lorde’s performance of her hit song Royals at tonight’s Grammy’s seems to be getting a lot of talk. This was definitely the darkest version of the song we’ve ever heard. The 17-year old singer’s black wardrobe and fingertips actually have an extreme meaning to them-Black Death.

Her black-tipped fingers represented one of the symptoms of a European pandemic known as Black Death which is also known as the Black Plague. The rest of her outfit consisted of simple black and white and the background of the performance flashed collections of stone angels that were quite frightening.

MTV reports that although it may not be completely clear what the dark imagery of her performance was trying to portray, it does reflect the Ingmar Bergman-directed film “The Seventh Seal,” which tells the tail of a medieval knight and a chess game he plays against the Grim Reaper. This particular game takes place during an outbreak of what inspired her fingertips, The Black Death.

Before tonight, Lorde has been sharing photos related to this performance anywhere from Siberian bear hunting suits to snaps of goth role model Anjelica Huston.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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