Must Watch Music Videos: Ellie Goulding, James McMorrow and Pentatonix

With thousands of YouTube videos uploaded every minute it is hard to decide which videos are worth viewing time. Especially, when it comes to music videos. With so many new music videos coming out each week, it is hard to keep track of them all. If you are in the mood for country, rock or pop has it covered. Each week, highlights the top ten best music videos to view.

This week features hot music videos from Pretty Little Lair sensation, Lucy Hale. This list also features a new debut from Barcelona, James Vincent McMorrow and the new music video from rock band, A Day to Remember. This week also includes new videos from Wild Beast and an unforgettable new single from Ellie Goulding. This week also showcases a new song from up and coming U.K. musician, John Newman.

Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of top ten.

[new page= Barcelona-Background]

10. Barcelona-Background

Barcelona is an up and coming rock band from Seattle, Washington. The band has just released their latest video for “Background.” The band focuses on creating a harmonious
Sound that combines piano, lyrics and many strong rock ‘n’ roll elements.

[new page= Wild Beast – Wanderlust ]

9. Wild Beast – Wanderlust

Wild Beast are an indie rock band from the U.K., even though they have a similar sound to Mumford and Sons the band is making their own way in the industry. Their video for “Wanderlust” is an instant fan favorite.

[new page= James Vincent Mcmorrow-Red Dust]

8. James Vincent McMorrow-Red Dust

Irish singer and songwriter, James Vincent McMorrow has just released the latest video for “Red Dust.”

[new page= A Day To Remember- Right Back At It Again]

7. A Day To Remember- Right Back At It Again

A Day To Remember is back and with a hard-hitting rock ‘n’ roll video. The band is bringing their unique musical style and visuals to the video for “Right Back At It Again.”

[new page= Kyle- Raining Love]

6. Kyle- Raining Love

This video will bend the mind of viewers and has an upbeat twist. Kyle is a newer artist in the industry so if fans are looking for something new and different, this video for “Raining Love” is the way to go.

[new page= Lucy Hale- You Sound Good To Me]

5. Lucy Hale- You Sound Good To Me

Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale is trying to make her way into the country music industry. She has just released the video for her first single, “You Sound Good To Me” and is showing off her musical skills in this latest video.

[new page= John Newman-Cheating]

4. John Newman-Cheating

John Newman is an up and coming artist in the United States and is already a large name in the U.K. His latest video for “Cheating” shows off his musical style as well as his unique visual direction. Newman is likely to becoming a huge artist in the United States, his music fits into the current top 40 landscape.

[new page= Zedd ft. Hayley Williams-Stay The Night]

3. Zedd ft. Hayley Williams-Stay The Night

Zedd and Hayley Williams had a chart-topping hit with “Stay The Night” and have released an acoustic set for fans.

[new page= Pentatonix-I Need Your Love]

2. Pentatonix-I Need Your Love

If music fans have not heard of Pentatonix they will within the next few months. Pentatonix is an American acappella group of five vocalists, that combine their vocal talents and create musical magic with their harmonizes and vocal ranges.

[new page= Ellie Goulding-Goodness Gracious]

1. Ellie Goulding-Goodness Gracious

Ellie Goulding has released her latest music video, this time for "Goodness Gracious." The video features Goulding fully embracing her colorful music and personality. The video is as vibrant as the single itself and features a wide range colors.
Goulding looks beautiful in the video, showcasing her natural personality which is enhanced by the songs upbeat tone and EDM influences. This comes across on the screen effortlessly and the video feels like fans and Goulding are having a large party together.

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