Must Watch Music Videos: Lupe Fiasco, Eric Church and Clean Bandit

With thousands of YouTube videos uploaded every minute it is hard to decide which videos are worth viewing time. Especially, when it comes to music videos. With so many new music videos coming out each week, it is hard to keep track of them all. If you are in the mood for country, rock or pop has it covered. Each week, highlights the top ten best music videos to view.

This week features hot music videos from R5 with their new single “(I Can’t) Forget About You.” This list also features a new debut from Tyler Ward, SoMo and a new music video cover of “Royals” from rock band, Clean Bandit. This week also includes new videos from Eric Church and an unforgettable new single from Foster The People. This week also showcases a new song from up and coming musician, Pixie Lott.

Let us know which music videos you are watching and which is your favorite video out of top ten.

[new page= R5 – (I Can’t) Forget About You]

10. R5 – (I Can’t) Forget About You

R5 is an American pop rock band that is original from California. The band features a pop and catchy sound and the music video captures the energy and creative that the band has in their music.

[new page= Tyler Ward- Dark Horse]

9. Tyler Ward- Dark Horse

With Katy Perry taking over the charts with her latest single, “Dark Horse” fans should take time to check out this unique cover of the rising single by Tyler Ward.

[new page= Pixie Lott – Nasty]

8. Pixie Lott – Nasty

This video is upbeat and captures the natural, sexy energy that Pixie Lott gives off with her single, “Nasty.”

[new page= SoMo-Ride]

7. SoMo-Ride

SoMo, born Joseph Somers-Morales, is a R&B and pop singer-songwriter and has released the latest music video for his single “Ride.” The video is one to watch, as SoMo is an up and coming musician.

[new page= Clean Bandit-Royals ]

6. Clean Bandit-Royals

Clean Bandit have taken on the cover of Lorde’s “Royals” and have made the song their own. This is a YouTube cover video to watch this week.

[new page= Eric Church-Give Me Back My Hometown]

5. Eric Church-Give Me Back My Hometown

Eric Church is back with his gritty country rock ‘n’ roll style with this latest single, “Give Me Back My Hometown” that will be featured on his upcoming album.

[new page= Shakira ft. Rihanna – Can’t Remember to Forget You]

4. Shakira ft. Rihanna – Can’t Remember to Forget You

Shakira and Rihanna have teamed up for a female powerhouse single, "Can't Remember To Forget You." This will be the first single off of Shakira's forthcoming studio album.
The single is strong and features the best of the best when it comes to the vocal talent of both Shakira and Rihanna. Shakira brings her strong Latin roots and adds a few elements of rock 'n' roll to her performance.

[new page=Foster The People- Coming of Age]

3. Foster The People- Coming of Age

Foster The People is back with their latest single, “Coming of Age.” The group first exploded onto the music scene with their hit single, “Pumped Up Kicks.” The band has a unique way of combining elements of pop, rock and an indie culture.

The music video for “Coming of Age” is a time-lapse style that showcases the creation of a mural on the side of a large building. The video is unique and one of a kind, that matches the musical style of "Coming of Age."
The video much like the song takes the time to set the scene and build over the course of the four-minute song.

[new page= Colbie Caillat-Hold On]

2. Colbie Caillat-Hold On

Colbie Caillat is lighting up YouTube with her new and creativity driven music video for her single, "Hold On." Caillat is changing her musical style and is showing off in this moonlit music video."Hold On" is the first single off of her fourth record, which currently does not have a release date.
Caillat looks beautiful in the video and is seen in some intimating settings with close up shots. The "Bubbly" singer is also seen dancing with a variety of back up dancers.
The video feels more modern and like a new direction for the young pop musician. The lighting is complex and the whole vibe of the video feels fresh and innovative.

[new page= Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran-Old School Love]

1. Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran-Old School Love

Lupe Fiasco has teamed up with Ed Sheeran for his latest single. The video is fun and interesting and matches the environment that Sheeran and Fiasco have created in this new age and modern single. In only a matter of days this song is likely to become a chart-topping hit.

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