My Chemical Romance announces greatest hits compilation

One year ago, the punk rock driven band, My Chemical Romance announced that the band would be going their separate ways but fans can enjoy their latest news. My Chemical Romance will be releasing May Death Never Stop You on March 25th.

May Death Never Stop You will feature 15 hits, three demos and one previously unreleased track, Billboard reported. This will be the first album released from the band since they broke up.

The unreleased track is titled, "Fake Your Death," added. This track is believed to be one of the unreleased tracks of off their 2012 album, Conventional Weapons.

My Chemical Romance will be offering a deluxe version of their greatest hit album, which will include a DVD with over two hours of seen music video footage of their previously unreleased clip for “Blood,” a Funeral Brassard armband and a Thank You For The Venom t-shirt. This will cost fans $34.99.

My Chemical Romance is known for their hit singles such as, "Welcome To The Black Parade," "Helena," and "I'm Not Ok."

Watch the music video for "Helena" here:

image: Wikimedia Commons

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