NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell considers allowing medical marijuana

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, said on Thursday that medical marijuana may be an option for players dealing with pain. He is definitely open to the idea that the drug may help ease concussion injuries, but is still waiting for more medical evidence.

If experts conclude that marijuana will help athletes, the NFL would be willing to allow it. According to foxsports Goodell said, “We will follow medicine and if they determine this could be a proper usage in any context, we will consider that.”

The home states of both the 2014 super bowl teams, the Seahawks and Broncos, are the only states where the drug is legal for recreational use. So, there is no coincidence that many conversations about marijuana and the NFL are igniting.

Seeing as there are so many problems with head trauma suffered in the NFL, they are constantly looking for ways to improve player health. According to usatoday BrainScope Company and Purdue University’s Neurotrauma Group are working together to enhance a handheld device used on the field to detect brain injuries suffered while playing.

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