Notre Dame reveals big budget stadium renovations

The University of Notre Dame announced Wednesday a $400 million project to add three new buildings onto their football stadium.
According to TheChicagoTribune, the buildings will be added to the south, east, and west ends of the stadium respectively, and may seem daring to longtime fans and alumni.
“It is such an iconic place so you touch it with great care,” said Steven Ansel, the principal designer at the project’s lead architectural firm, SLAM Collaborative in Connecticut.”
The stadium, originally built in 1930s, has become a memorable site in college football with features such as “Touchdown Jesus,” the mural painted on the library located north of the stadium.
TheWashingtonPost reports that there are no plans to make major changes to the inside of the stadium, but seating capacity will fundamentally increase by as much as 4,000.
“The Rev. John Jenkins, the university’s president, called it “the most ambitious building project in the 172-year history of Notre Dame,” saying more space was needed to accommodate the university’s broadening research activity.”
Construction is expected to take place next year over the course of three years, with donations expected to fund the project.
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