One Direction release wild 'Midnight Memories' video

One Direction released a video to the title track for their latest album, a fun rock song with a video of the boys leaving a boring party behind.

The X-Factor band is sitting at a dull and boring party, and getting inspiration from their own song that the DJ puts on, they leave to find and make their own adventures. They quickly find a restaurant Kali Kebabs where the quintet quickly take over, with Harry jumping behind the counter, fans shaking hands, ending with Zayn trying to put a fire out in Niall’s mouth. The fun debauchery continues with the singers racing on scooters, taking an unauthorized joyride on a police boat, singing on top of London Bridge.

The song “Midnight Memories” has an uptempo beat and thick, distorted guitar line which fuels the song and verses. The sing a long chorus, a slow, hand-clapping stomp, with lyrics Midnight memories, oh, oh, oh, oh/Baby you and me/Stumbling in the street/Singing, singing, singing, singing will have Directioners filling stadiums and their playlist for many months to come.

The band’s third album Midnight Memories was the top selling album of 2013 in the U.K. and broke the record for a third straight album debuting at the top of the Billboard charts. Look for One Direction this summer on their Where We Are world tour.

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