Oregon man returns dropped envelope containing $40,000

A man in Oregon found an envelope containing $40,000 and had it returned to its owner.

According to the New York Daily New, Brian DiCarlo found the envelope stuffed with $2,000 cash and a cashier’s check for $38,000 in a supermarket parking lot last week.

"My first thought is that this person, whoever it is, is a wreck, and they are probably losing their mind trying to retrace their steps," DiCarlo told FOX 12 in Oregon.

The owner of that envelope was 71-year-old Sharon Davis of Portland. She dropped it in a Safeway parking lot in Clackamas.

“I was so stunned and so stressed, I swear I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke,” Davis said.

She searched the intersection where she thought she had dropped it, but came empty. That’s because DiCarlo had the envelope in his possession and already called the police to have it returned to her.

Thankfully Davis’ precious envelope was given back to her because she was using the money for a down payment on a house.

Grateful for DiCarlo’s honesty, she gave him a $300 reward.

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