'Parks and Recreation' Recap: 'Ann and Chris'

On this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Ann and Chris moved away and everyone was sad.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t shed a tear. This episode brought back some of the best characters while having little flashbacks to big moments in Parks and Rec history.

When Ann and Chris are planning to move away, Leslie throws them a big party. Because she doesn’t know when she’s going to see Ann again, the party celebrates every holiday. From Easter to New Years, Ann is partying with it all.

Jerry/Larry gives Ann warm words of goodbye but she really begins to sob when Ron says, “I have enjoyed parts of our time together.” Andy, the loveable dummy, runs up to Ann and states that he just remembered that they used to date.

Meanwhile, April and Leslie are trying to pull together Ann’s true surprise. They are trying to officially start construction on Pawnee Commons before Ann leaves. However, when April goes to open it up Harold has shut it down completely, not allowing Leslie in.

When Leslie goes to Harold to get him to open it, he says that he will only it if she can get Sweetums’ Super Fizzy Fruity Pop for his department. So, Leslie has to tell Ann her secret plan in order to get the soda to get Pawnee Commons to open.

In order to get Sweetums to return them, Leslie finds out that she needs to find them a celebrity spokesperson for their new Dunktastic 3-Point B-Ball Blast sports drink. After approaching Pistol Pete (Tuc Watkins) he said that he didn’t want to endorse something basketball related because he wanted to be known as more than a high school basketball player. So, Ann and Leslie went to Perd Hapley and he agreed to be the spokesperson “for old times.”

On the guys’ front, Chris gave each of his friends a buddy box. He gave Tom Snake Juice, which had been discontinued by the FDA. He gave Ron a trophy with a hamburger on it because of the hamburger/turkey burger contest that they had back in season three. He gave Ben Indiana state audit sheets (framed) because “That year was insane!” He gave Andy a poster from MouseRat’s performance at the Snakehole Lounge. And he gave Jerry/Larry a picture from Ben and Leslie’s wedding where you can just see the top of his head.

The guys give Chris a gift card to buy three pans and realize that they didn’t get him enough. Disappointed, they go try to figure out what to get him. They come up empty handed, Andy gets Chris his jacket and Ben gives him some recipes. However, they finally come up with an idea. They get Chris an empty buddy box to fill with new memories with his new baby.

When Ann, Leslie and April are at the lot behind Ann’s house, April tells Ann that she loves her too. Ann and Leslie wear their “kiss ass” hard hats from “Kabloom” and break open the construction for the park.

When it is time for Chris and Ann to finally leave, Chris tells Ben that he is LITERALLY the best friend he’ll ever have. Leslie tells them that she made them a mix tape for the car ride.

As they drove away, Ron said that they should go get breakfast food because breakfast food can fix anything.

Parks and Rec won’t be back until after the Olympics. So, enjoy this classic Chris Traeger clip while you wait. You will LITERALLY laugh your head off.

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