'Parks and Recreation' recap: 'Second Chunce'

The 100th episode of Parks and Recreation was all about endings and new beginnings. It was Leslie's last day on city council, Tom sold Rent-A-Swag, Andy returned from England and Ann and Chris found out the sex of the baby.

The episode began with April talking about Andy. After returning from working in the UK, his sleep schedule was messed up significantly. He slept during the day and was active at night. This included mowing the lawn at two in the morning. April decided that, instead of continuing to let this sleep schedule bother her, she was going to spray him with a water hose. Andy woke up in time that she didn't have to but, the thought of it was so fun that he wanted her to spray him. So they had a water fight indoor.

I have to say, Andy (Chris Pratt) is probably one of the funniest ones on the show. His lovable dummy character has stayed the same but grown since day one. Andy is a guy that lived in the pit and now he is matured into a young man that has a steady job. Yet he still enjoys getting sprayed with a water hose indoors. Plus, with him constantly falling asleep indoors, it lifted some of the more boring parts of Tom's story line.

This episode was Leslie's last day on city council. Ben, as always, found himself stressed about it. He was trying to keep his wife happy enough, knowing that she was losing her dream job. He decided that he was going to get her a gift to make her feel better. But he, and the entire Parks department, had no idea what to get her.

I have to say that I was disappointed in the lack of time that Leslie spent with her friends. She spent more time talking to her replacement than she did talking with Ann. With how much Leslie loves her friends, I was surprised she didn't lean on them more. Kristen Bell reprised her role as the Eagletonian that replaced Leslie. She said that she was inspired by Leslie's role in government.

Tom finally sold Rent-A-Swag to Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio's father, Dr. Saperstein . While selling the company, the lawyer gave tom a note from the doctor, mocking him. Tom asked why Dr. Saperstein didn't come himself and the lawyer said that rich people didn't do anything for themselves, they pay others to work for them. Tom used this statement to figure out a business idea.

Tom had to divide the money he got from the store between all of his investors. He gave some to Jerry/Larry and there was a spelling error so the check was addressed to Lenny. Ha ha? Tom's final cut of the money was $30,000. He told Andy, April, Donna, Ron and Jerry that instead of using his money to start his own business, he was going to get ideas from other people and invest in them. So, he was going to call people in and pick the best ideas.

Ben, still confused about what to get Leslie, tried to order her a singing gram but stopped mid phone call. I don't know why he wanted to get her a gift in the first place. Comfort her emotionally, Ben, not economically!

Councilman Dexhart had (another) sex scandal. This prompted Leslie to say that she was going to rerun against him. Ben pointed out that he lived in a different district. Leslie said that they could move and that she could run a negative campaign. She said she wanted to run again because the city council was her dream job.

Ann and Chris had their doctor appointment to check on the baby. They were unsure whether or not they wanted to know the sex of the baby so they had Dr. Saperstein write it down on a piece of paper and they would decide if they wanted to know later.

I am, literally, exhausted with Chris and Ann. I am glad that they, as a couple, are leaving. Though, I miss Ann as Leslie's best friend. She has really changed in recent episodes and new-Ann is annoying. And while Chris is, literally, a fun character, he has ruined Ann. I'm glad Ann is getting the happy ending that she wants but I just don't like her ending. Or maybe I just want Ann to stay and Chris to go. Is it too late for that?

Plus, Ann's pregnancy isn't funny anymore. She is really just a jerk to everyone around her. When Ann and Chris went to eat, she was mean to the waitress. While at the café, the two decided that they would look at the sex of their baby but it turned out that Dr. Saperstein's handwriting was literally so bad that they couldn't read it. So they decided to go to the doctor and figure out what the sex was.

After going to the doctor's house and running into the always-obnoxious Jean Ralphio, Ann and Chris found out that they are literally having a... boy!

Leslie, still crazy about running for Councilman Dexhart's seat, was making a banner for her campaign that had spelling errors and looked terrible. Ben offered that she should ask her friends for advice. When she pulled them together, everyone but Jerry/Larry/Lenny was against it. But Leslie pushed on, preparing for a press conference announcing her campaign.

Because Tom didn't get any good ideas to invest his money in, he told everyone that he had his own ideas. He tried talking tissues but, no one was interested in it. He finally told Ron that he was going to be a business liaison and bring bigger businesses to Pawnee. Ron approved.

For Ben's gift, he decided that he was going to support Leslie for her next run. He even brought in Jennifer Parker, his old boss when he worked with campaigns. Jenn gave her the advice that Leslie needs to dream bigger. She needs to run for mayor or congress. She has outgrown city council.

At the press conference, Leslie said that her future held going home with her husband and making out with him on the couch. She said that she loved her time on the city council and would remember it forever but she was moving on.

Then, for Ben's final present, he and Leslie took a trip to Paris.

So, what did you think of the episode?

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